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Figures Toy Company Announces the Justice Leagure


Six of the World’s Greatest Heroes will be united in the latest 8 inch retro figure release from Figures Toy Company…the Justice League of America! Legendary DC Comics superheroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Shazam! are being released in a new special edition assortment.  These special edition retro variants have all been…

ToyFair: NECA ReMego gallery


NECA has in two years transformed from a company who used the ReMego format as a novelty to one of the most exciting companies working in the format.   We’ve just added a NECA forum at the Mego Museum, check it out here:    

ToyFair: Bif Bang Pow ReMego Gallery


  Time for a detailed look at the offerings from Bif Bang Pow! at least week’s Toyfair, the big draw for us being the long awaited final wave of Venture Brothers 8″. Seeing the final factory samples and not prototypes is a sign they will soon see release.   You can pre-order them at Entertainment…

Toyfair: Diamond Select Toys Booth


  Time for a ReMego Recap of Toyfair 2015 with some high resolution shots of what’s coming in 2015. First off we take a look at Diamond Select and their “Marvelous” offerings.  Take a long look and see if you like it, if you do you can pre-order these sets at out sponsor Entertainment Earth.…

Ruh Roh! Figures Toy Co presents Scooby Doo!


Figures Toy Company is ready to make collectors say “ZOINKS!” with their latest toy line. One of the greatest cartoons of all time is now being given the action figure treatment in a new toy line based on Hanna-Barbera’s Scooby-Doo! Since debuting on television in 1969, Scooby and the gang have remained some of the…

Mego Museum and Figures Toy Co join forces to bring you the news!


Effective immediately, the Mego Museum will now be the home for updates and breaking news from Figures Toy Company. Every Friday we will be announcing something new and exciting. FTC has everything from prototypes to production samples to show. Plus, some really BIG announcements to make within the first few weeks, that thus far, have…

Up Close: Snake Plissken by NECA


ECA’s recent move from horror films to science fiction has been a welcome one with fans of the Mego format. Their latest release is Snake Plissken from the 1981 hit “Escape from New York” (whose theme song hasn’t left my head since I got this guy in). There is a lot to see and talk…

Up Close: DST Spider-Man


The highly anticipated launch of the first of Diamond Select Toys/ EMCE Marvel comics ReMegos has certainly been a topic of great interest among Mego collectors. The unique structure and higher price point (both enforced in the terms of it’s license) have given many collector pause before they purchase. What we hope to do is showcase…

Mego Museum Interview with Sculptor Andrew Covalt


Sam Noir interviewed profilic ReMego sculptor Andrew Covalt for the latest Mego Museum news letter. Andrew Covalt is extremely skilled at evoking the classic look and feel of seventies Mego Action Figures with his sculpts. In recent years he’s worked on ReMego toylines such as Mattel’s DC Retro Action, Diamond/EMCE’s Star Trek, Bluntman and Chronic,…