Make your own Dr. Doom!
  According to Mego legend a World's Greatest Super Heroes 8" Dr. Doom was supposed to be issued as part of the company's Marvel Comic villians line up.  In designing the action figure the wizards at Mego created a Dr. Doom head mold and used existing parts from other Mego action figures to make an elaborate prototype of the Fantastic Four villian.  The proposed Dr. Doom would have included his trademark armour, gauntlets and green cloak.  After a cost review Mego deemed that the action figure, in relation to other potential action figures, would be too costly to manufacture and was canceled.  To try and recoup on some of its cost, Mego reworked the head mold of Dr. Doom into that of the hero Ironman.   The proposed Mego 8" Dr. Doom would have truly been one of Mego's greatest super hero action figures on par with that of Thor, Conan and the Green Arrow. 
  Now with a little time, skill and imagination you can make your very own genuine Mego Dr. Doom action figure! 

Warning!  This project is not for children! Experience is needed to make your very own Dr. Doom.  Help from a professional seemstress may be need!

Parts Needed
1 8" Mego nude action figure body.
1 8" Mego Ironman head (custom painted silver for that sinister Doom look!).
1 pair of armor boots from Mego's 8" Knights.
1 pair of 8" Ironman plastic gloves painted silver.
1 body suit (remove leg and arm fabric) from Mego's Robin Hood 8" Little John
action figure dyed green (this is the hardest part of making your very own
Dr. Doom).  You may want to have a professional do this!  Dye can be found
at fabric stores.  Try testing on something else before using on actual outfit!
1 pair each of Mego 8" Knights arm and leg fabric sewed to above tunic.
1 brown belt and buckle from Mego 8" Davey Crockett.
1 custom made green cloak

Put it all together and your custom Mego Dr. Doom should look something like this!
Ironman Head
Knight boots
Ironman gloves
Little John Tunic
Knights leg and arm fabric
Davey Crockett belt
Let me know how your figure came out!

Special Thanks to MegoHead Guy Redwing for creating this figure for me!