World's Greatest Super Heroes!
Examples of MOC Super Heroes
carded Wonder Woman is the rarest carded mego EVER
US carded Batman and Robin
US carded Superman and Shazam
French Pin Pin Toys Peace Sign belt Supergirl and US carded Wonder Woman
US carded Batgirl and Mr. Mxyzptlk
US carded Catwoman and Riddler
US carded Joker and Penguin
US carded Isis and Green Arrow
US carded Spiderman and Hulk
US carded Falcon and Capt. America
US carded Mr. Fantastic and US carded Human Torch with Harbert, Italy sticker
US carded Invisible Girl and Thing
US carded Thor and Conan
US carded Kid Flash and Speedy
US carded Aqualad and Wondergirl
MegoHead Factoid!
Did you know that Tarzan is the only Mego Super Hero that has not been discovered carded?