Perry White Editor
A Tour of Batman's Secret Headquarters!
Clark Kent Reporting
Clark Kent Reporting...
  Who is the Batman?  Is he a super powered being from another planet or is he just a simple human like us?  Where does he live?  Is his home really a cave as so many believe? With the help of Batman contact Comissioner Gordon and in the spirit of good faith, I have been granted access to one of Batman's secret headquarters!  Agreeing to be blind folded along with freelance photographer Peter Parker, we were secretly led to this hideout by millionaire Bruce Wayne.  A friend of Batman, Mr. Wayne along with his ward Dick Grayson, agreed to give us a guided tour of Batman's incredible headquarters.
Reporter Clark Kent
Millionaire Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson
Kent: Mr. Wayne, have you known Batman for long?
Wayne: Only for a few years.  He has helped solve some problems for my Wayne Foundation in the past.
Kent: Isn't he afraid that you may reveal the location of this secret headquarters?
Wayne: Even though my ward and I have both been here many times we have been blind folded each and every time.  We have no idea where this base is.  I also have no idea who drove us here!
Kent: Incredible!  Do you think that Batman drove you? 
Wayne: Maybe...
Kent: Well now that we are here can you give us a tour.  I know our time is limited.
Wayne: Yes, we should start.  Dick would you please lead the way.

Grayson: Sure Bruce. This place is so huge where would you like me to start?
Kent: How about where we are now?
Grayson: Ok, this is Batman's Odds and Probability Computer.  It is here using advanced technology that he is able to track down villians all over the world.
Kent:  Incredible...
Kent: This is a strange room...
Grayson: It sure is!  This is Batman's trophy room it....
Kent:  What is that!
Grayson:  It's Batman checking in with us on his video phone!
Kent:  Parker are you getting this!
Parker:  You better believe it Mr. Kent!
Batman:  Hello Clark and Mr. Parker.  I'm sorry that I could not show you around my headquarters, but I'm currently working on a case.  I assure you that Bruce and Dick are more then capable tour guides.
Kent:  No problem Batman...  I would like to thank you for allowing us this opportunity.
BatmanMy pleasure.  Sorry to make this quick but as often happens Superman needs me to help him out with a case again.  Enjoy the rest of your tour.  Batman out.

Peter Parker
Parker: Wow imagine Batman helping out Superman!
Wayne: Batman truly is a detective, Peter, and I'm sure that even Superman with all of his super powers must need his help some time.
Kent:  Hmm... I wonder... What do you think Superman needed help with Mr. Wayne?
Wayne: We may never know.  Dick why don't we continue the tour...

Kent:  Yes, you were saying about this room that we are in.
Grayson: This is Batman's trophy room.  Here you will find momentos from some of the crime fighter's greatest cases.
Kent:  Interesting...
Grayson:  This case features Two-Face's double-face coin, Catwoman's cat'o'nine tails, the Mad Hatter's hat collection, and more.