Pocket Heroes Shuttles

The “Shuttles” Series are Micronaut vehicles dressed in (sometimes new) stickers and packaging, they also pose kind of a mystery to collectors. While the Superhero colored editions seemed to be prevelant in the UK. The US got different versions but both series of shuttles are missing one thing, the Mego logo. Mego chose to never feature these in a catalog either, it’s almost as if the company was trying to distance itself from the product. Mego did the same thing with the Johnny Action line of figures in the mid seventies when they placed the LionRock logo on them instead of their own brand. It’s been postulated that this was a clever way of selling unsold product, merely re-branding the packaging (which in the case of the US versions was actually printed in Canada) much like Mego did with the Star Defender for the Buck Rogers line.   The Lionrock Batman Shuttle MIB, note that the boxes color scheme closely follows the Mego Batcycle A comparison shot between the Bat Shuttle and the Micronauts Solarian shows the wonders a new paint job and a pair of repto wings can do. The Lion Rock Robin Shuttle is perhaps the most common in the series … Continue reading Pocket Heroes Shuttles