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Battle Brigade

Original Palitoy Ad for Battle Brigade click on it for a larger view Battle Brigade was Palitoy Bradgate's name for the Lion Rock WW2 series. Already known for their great success with Action Man, Palitoy diversified with smaller formats (they had also released Spain's Madel Man as "Little Big Man") As usual Palitoy took their own approach with Battle Brigade, releasing the figures with "sealed Orders" and using a striking black box.

Besides the obvious packaging variants with Battle Briagde (Unlike the other European releases the back of the packaging is generic through out the line) there are also many subtle equipment changes.

The most notable is the change in the Navy Frogman, the European version came with a shark while the UK version has sticks of dinamite..

Battle Brigades Sealed Orders The toughest figures to find in the series are the British Frogman (he was renamed US frogman when marketed stateside) US Marauder and US Paratrooper.

Mego Battle Brigade Checklist.

British Troops: Frogman, Paratrooper, Artic Fighter, Commando, Australian Jungle Fighter.

US Troops:Tail Gunner,Marauder,Infantryman,marine,Paratrooper,Fighter Pilot

Axis Troops: Japanese Fighter Pilot, Japanese Officer, German Luftwaffe, U-Boat Commander,Stormtrooper,Afrika Corps, German Commando

Boxed Figures
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German Infantry


Japanese Officer
Back of Packaging
German Infantry German Pilot Japanese Officer Back of Box

Navy Frogman

US Infantry

US Marine
Navy Frogman US Infantry US Marine

Special Thanks to Bill Kaufman and Vincent Cerbone for all the pics and information.