Product Category: Brick Mantooth

Captain Canuck Mego Museum Super Collector Combo Pack

  Captain Canuck and Super Collector Combo Pack:   Super Collector comes with his box and Mego Museum accessorie (all new!) Captain Canuck is LOOSE but in his new Variant Retro Suit, looking just like he did in Captain Canuck #1! That's a lot of manliness for a small price! Free collectible post card and Canada

Brick Mantooth on RARE Card, VARIANT!?

Available for a limited time, the officially licensed Plaidstallions Brick Mantooth doll by Odeon Toys on a rare, variant "Woolco" card.  Only 20 of these cards were professionally produced, this is the sixth one available. This rare and unique version has a rare bone necklace, only found on the Woolco cards, long rumoured to rare

Mego Museum Super Collector

Available now for the first time ever on his own, the Mego Museum Supercollector with his newly designed Mego Museum 3.o   One complete Mego Museum Super Collector Man Doll complete with solid box and MegoMuseum Accessorie , one package of Mego Museum, Plaid Stallions and AHI Trading cards (it's a blind bag mix). This package]