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Mego Loose Black Old B.O.B Grand Toys Canada

          Super rare and awesome Old B.O.B from the amazing Black Hole line of toys. The second wave was cancelled in the US but Canada and Italy got them because they had paid in advance for the line. VERY rare. Figure is in nice shape, see pictures. Does not have stand. Americans

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AHI Batman Battery Operated Zoom Cycle MIB

Beautiful MIB Batman item from 1975, has never been used or played with and it's just gorgeous!    

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Custom Mego Doctor Who Set 3rd Doctor and Auton Pertwee Denys Fisher

These are a pair of custom action figures, here is what you get: 3rd Doctor Action figure with custom head, outfit and sonic screw driver. Auton invader action figure. Both come on custom clamshell cards and are extremely limited.    

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UFO custom Mego Two Pack Gerry Anderson SHADO

Hand crafted limited edition action figure set featuring 8" Customs of Commander Straker (portrayed by Ed Bishop) and the Alien Invader from the 1970 Television series "UFO". Each character comes with a custom outfit and weapons and comes in a two pack clamshell.  I don't plan to make many of these, so once they're gone,

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AHI Adventure man figure MOC Action Jackson KO

AHI Adventureman 8" Megolike figure MOC, the bubble has been stapled on. Shipping is ten bucks to US/Canada.

Mego 12" Spider-Man Box, Unfolded, Original

Original Mego 12 inch Spider-Man box, unfolded from a 1980s warehouse find, NOT A REPRO and has original cellophane. Shipping is 12 dollars within US/canada.

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Mego 12" Batman original box unfolded

Original Mego 12 inch Batman box, unfolded from a 1980s warehouse find, NOT A REPRO and has original cellophane. Shipping is 12 dollars within US/canada.

Captain Avenger from Hero at Large Custom Mego 8' Figure

Custom Made, limited figure of John Ritter as "Captain Avenger" from the 1979 classic film "Hero at Large" comes in a clamshell with a custom card. Shipping is $10 to anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Satin Monster : Limited Superfly Editon PlaidStallions figure by Odeon Toys

  Presenting the latest release by Odeon Toys, Satin Monster, one of our mascots,  is a limited edition 8 inch action figure in the 70s Mego style. He comes complete with genuine vintage threads (real thrift store clothing was murdered to create each figure) and packed with more manliness than is allowed in the state of

Batman Vinyl Banner

22" x 28 1/2" Batman Vinyl Banner with metal eyelets. This is a custom made, laser cut piece made in the late 1990s.

Spider-man Vinyl Banner

23 1/2" x 28 1/2" Spider-man Vinyl Banner with metal eyelets

Planet of the Apes Vinyl Banner

24" x 28 1/3" Planet of the Apes Vinyl Banner with metal eyelets. This is a custom made, laser cut piece made in the late 1990s.

Mego Promotional Planet of the Apes Autograph

Promotional item given away at Toys R Us appearances. PlaidStallions is a repository for all things about the polyester decade. We cover everything from the toys to the wide pants we wore. Visit us at or like us on facebook. Our first book “Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings” is available now and we recently

Combo Deal #2: Rack Toys, Mantooth, 1978, Mego Trading Cards, Big Savings!

  What you get in this lot:   One Copy of "Rack Toys, Cheap, Crazed Playthings" $19.95 value One Brick Mantooth Action Figure MIB $16.00 Value One Copy of Mego Museum 1978 REImagined $8.95 value A stack of Mego Museum Trading Cards Three Rack Toys promotional Post Cards   This would sell for $45.00 separately,

Megozine Issue One plus starter pack of Museum Trading Cards!

  Mego Museum’s inaugural issue of  Megozine is now in stock and available to order from the PlaidStallions Store: Issue one Includes: Secret Origins of the 1/6th Scale Superheroes- Which details Mego’s 12 inch Superhero figures and includes a never before seen prototype of a never made Mego 12” hero. A Mego Museum Super Collector

Megozine and 1978: Mego Magazine Bundle

This auction is for Two Mego Publications, a copy of Megozine issue one and 1978 RE:Imagined the Mego Fantasy Catalog. Both of these publications were put out by the Megomuseum website. Both sold for $9.95 each, now you can get: Both Magazines Two Collectible Stickers A stack of Megomuseum and Plaidstallions trading cards (including the


Available now Odeon Toys presents Captain Canuck.   One complete unopeneed ODEON TOYS  CaptainCanuck Doll with original card, one package of Mego Museum, Plaid Stallions and AHI Trading cards (it's a blind bag mix). One Canada Flag Lapel Pin and One Captain Canuck Post Card.   People who order directly from us get a free collectible Rack

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