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Mego Museum 2020 Limited Edition Gift Set SOLD OUT!

  The 2020 PlaidStallions Christmas Pack, the perfect gift for the retro fan you know. Each limited edition pack includes: One Super Collector "Man-Doll" Mint in box One Copy of PlaidStallions ToyVentures Magazine Issue 1 One Copy of MegoMuseum's "Megozine" Issue 1 A mystery bonus item A MegoMuseum Christmas card, just fill it out and

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Captain Canuck Brick Mantooth Combo Pack

  Captain Canuck and Brick Combo Pack:   Order a Captain Canuck and get a Brick for just $8! That's a lot of manliness for a small price! Free collectible post card and Canada Flag pin Shipping is just $8.00 to the USA, it's less for Canadians and more for Europeans. I don't make the

Mego Museum Super Collector Spare Parts Set

An exclusive to MegoMuseum stores! This set includes the following. Mego Museum Super Collector Head Boots White Belt Jump suit Chest Logo Free pack of trading cards (mixed assortment) Shipping is $3.80. This set does not include a box, body or the Megomuseum playset.

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Mego Museum Super Collector

Available now for the first time ever on his own, the Mego Museum Supercollector with his newly designed Mego Museum 3.o   One complete Mego Museum Super Collector Man Doll complete with solid box and MegoMuseum Accessorie , one package of Mego Museum, Plaid Stallions and AHI Trading cards (it's a blind bag mix). This package]