Product Category: Rack Toys

AHI Batman Battery Operated Zoom Cycle MIB

Beautiful MIB Batman item from 1975, has never been used or played with and it's just gorgeous!    

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AHI Adventure man figure MOC Action Jackson KO

AHI Adventureman 8" Megolike figure MOC, the bubble has been stapled on. Shipping is ten bucks to US/Canada.

Sgt Fury Armored Attack toy by Fleetwood 1980 Marvel Comics

Vintage Rack Toy from 1980 featuring Nick Fury, he didn't get a lot of merchandise back then. Shipping is $10 to anywhere in US or Canada.

Larami Glow Putty Lot: Star Trek & Frankenstein

You get two MOC Larami glow putty toys, Star Trek and Frankenstein. Shipping is 6 dollars to the US, 12 to Yurp and the UK.