Product Category: Specials

Two pairs of knight boots

Ivanhoe and Launcelot boots - made in China.

Trio of pirate boots

Brown, red, and yellow Andorian boots

Trio of knight shoes

Black Knight shoes in black, red, and green.

Red steering wheel

Can be cast in any color

Exhaust pipes

Silver exhaust pipes

Car headlights

Small set cast in silver - can be cast in any color.

Silver front car grill

Can be cast in other colors.

Set of two dress shoes

One pair of brown and one pair of black dress shoes. Made in China.

2 pair short pirate boots

One brown, one yellow - for 8 inch megos, but will also fit on 7 inch bodies.

Roof cap

Cast in silver - can be cast in any color.

Fire Rescue boots

Thick insulated boots to protect from fire.|n|Cast in gray to show detailing - can be cast in any color.

Black weapon set

A packet of black guns and a knife. The Action Jackson|n|knife and .45 automatic, the 9mm glock, .44 magnum, the|n|CHPs .38 gun and sunglasses, and more!

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Red button

Can be cast in any color. Comes with round yellow sticker.

Set of 4 halloween masks

Set of 4 DC Superheroes halloween masks from the early 90s.