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                       PLAIDSTALLIONS PRESS presents:
                             Colorful packaging hanging from your pharmacists or grocer’s shelves, designed to entice you while you sat in your parents shopping cart. Often terribly made, these strange playthings were low priced enough to wear down even the most frugal adult and were most likely forgotten or broken by the time you left the parking lot.


Rack Toys is a love letter to re purposed  illogically licensed toys that were not meant to be remembered


                                Facts about the book:


    • Limited edition Publication
    • 144 pagescompletely in color, measuring  approx. 8.5 x 11  inches)
    • Hundreds of full color images of rare rack toys, catalogs, store displays, advertisements and more. Rack Toys touches on every genre of toy in the last forty years. Every toy collector should be able to find memories within it’s pages.
    • Introduction by Jason Lenzi (Bif Bang Pow! toys)
  • It took more than 5 years to compile the information for this publication.

                                Here’s a list of the chapters:


  • The Future is Fantastic- Science Fiction rack toys beginning with the mid 1970s Planet of the Apes explosion and moving onto the parachuting Kirks and Spocks of Star Trek, Space:1999, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Martian Chronicles and standards like Flash Gordon.
  • Saturday Morning Fun– Remember the Banana Spilts? Ultra Man? Groovy Goolies? Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons? They’re all here along with parachuting Fred Flinstone, Josie and the pussycats and Dr Shrinker.
  • Spooky Fun- Monster toys including the Azrak Hamway (AHI) Universal Monster explosion from the 1970s, Jaws toys, rubber King Kongs, Godzilla, Lincoln International Monster dolls and Imperial toys rubber bats and so much more!
  • TV and Movie Super stars: Where Mr T joins forces with the Karate Kid, Manimal and Street Hawk to defeat the terrible people from the Love Boat.
  • Generic Joy: Squirt guns, poopatroopers, cap guns, rubber bugs and more green plastic army men and ninjas than you can shake a stick at.
  • Hey, Knock it Off: Exploring the world of bootleg toys including Batmen, Astro Apes,  Mr Rock, faux Bionic people and poorly made Darth Vader figurines.
                    Rack Toys is an independently produced publication, by purchasing directly from us you are helping a small business create more fun toy related books.
People who order directly from us get three free collectible Rack Toys postcards, only available from Plaid Stallions. Each is an ironic shot from a book’s chapter introduction page. Every order includes a stack of Mego Museum, Lincoln Monsters, Tomland and Foreign Mego trading cards.


                                    Payment and shipping information:

                            We are located in Canada and the book is a little  heavy (We used premium paper ), so shipping is of course a bit more expensive due to the weight of the book but we only charge the actual costs for shipping . We eat the packing material


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