Very good box and figure. I don’t think she’s been removed and I haven’t.

Batgirl costume is perfect. However, she has a broken left arm at the elbow and is wearing Batman’s cape. Further, the insert is not original. It’s hand cut by myself. That is the ONLY repro part in all of my boxed Megos.

Wonder Woman figure is mint. Box has cosmetic issues, including a tear in the cello.

Catwoman. See pictures fro condition.

Spider-Man is mint mint mint. Electric Co. Box is in very good shape.

Thor. The box is in good condition, some wear and tear. The cello has a break in it. The litho is OFF register. Interesting flaw. Figure is perfect.

Conan box is good, but has a litho tear on the logo. Price sticker removal. Note a grey spot at the base of his neck.

Captain America in mint condition. Box has wear as seen in photos.