Mugato : Original Accessories and Known Repros
Loose Mugato


Mugato's belt is unique to the character and has been factory reproduced by both Doctor Mego / EMCE Toys and Classic TV Toys, however, neither reproduction features the sticker on the original's belt buckle. The original belt has a white square sticker that has a vertical gradiated blue line in the center. The Doc Mego / EMCE reproduction belt has a slightly duller texture than the original and is marked DM on the backside. The CTVT has a sharper texture than the original and is marked CTV in the inside.


Mugato's shirt has been factory reproduced by EMCE Toys. The reproduction is a near perfect color match to the original, but is made with a more modern slicker material. The big difference is the V design on the chest. The original is a vinyl heat sealed style, while the reproduction is printed right on the material, making the black area more black. The reproduction is also missing the yellow border that surrounds the V shape. Another dead giveaway is the missing black stain which occurs with most original Mugato shirts due to the black belt. The reproduction is unmarked.


Mugato's have been reproduced by EMCE Toys. Like the shirt, the repro pants area near perfect color match. The only real giveaway is the more modern slicker material they are made from. They also fit a bit looser. The reproduction is unmarked.


While not really an accessory, Mugato's feet are unique to the character. And though it's part of the body, it should still be noted that they have been factory reproduced by EMCE Toys. The reproduction feet are identical from a molding perspective. There are only 2 differences. The reproduction is a lighter orange (as is the entire repro Mugato body) than an original Mugato, and the joints pin hole is larger on the reproduction. The repro is unmarked.


Mugato's head as been factory reproduced by EMCE Toys. The reproduction is a little larger from tip of nose to back of head, but otherwise pretty accurate in size. The details on the reproduction are a little more dull, most noticably in the hair, which is also not as bright white as an original. The face, ears and horn on the EMCE version are also darker, with a little more brown in the orange color mix. The repro is marked with the 2008 CBS copyright on the back of the neck.