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The Mego 12"is one of the few lines that began in a foreign market first.

In 1975, these figures had their start in Canada. Morris Kotzer, president of Parkdale Novelty not only pushed for a competitive 12" line but actually put his money where his mouth is and ordered the minimum number required to make the line happend. The figures sold well but it resulted in a glut of 12" Spiderman and Batman in Canadian boxes.

The first line of Canadian 12"ers were produced on tall bodies and included Superman,Batman, 9" Robin and Spiderman.

These figures were also distributed by Burbank Toys (UK), Harbert (Italy) and Pin Pin (France).

Mego decided to release the 12" Heroes in the US in 1978 but the figures now had Bulkier Bodies and many, new head sculpts.

A year later "Fly Away Action" was born and stayed with the line until it's demise.

This wing is dedicated to Parkdale Novelty and to Morris Kotzer, the true father of the 12" WGSH.