Mego The Black Hole Prototype
VINcent 20" Tall Walking Robot
In 1980 Mego had planned to issue a line of large size remote controlled robots that would be state of the art compared to any robot toy issued to that point.  The first of these figures was to be VINcent, the robot from Walt Disney's The Black Hole movie.  After spending a reported $100,000 for two VINcent working prototypes, it became apparent that the retail cost of such a toy would be too high for the general public and the line was cancelled.  Pictured is one of two VINcent robot figures produced by Mego.  Saved by a former employee, who stated that the other VINcent was destroyed during the last days of Mego, it is an incredible piece to behold. The 8" magnetic VINcent is shown for scale.
The only known prototype in the world
MegoHead Factoid!
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