World's Greatest Super Heroes!
Mego's attempt at a larger scale 12" figure was a huge success both here in the US and overseas.
Magnetic Batman and Robin
Superman and Jor-el
Foreign first and second issue Superman
Foreign first and second issue Batman
General Zod and Lex Luther
Denys Fisher, UK Power Action Superman and foreign 9 1/2" Robin
Non-magnetic 12" Batman.  This is the last 12" Batman issued by Mego
Non-magnetic 12" Robin.  This is the last 12" Robin issued by Mego
Mexican 12" Batman
This rare figure used the Mego 12" Foreign Batman head on a blow molded body.  See Marvel 12" Mexican Spiderman from same line.
MegoHead Factoid!
Did you know that Mego's Power Action Superman is the rarest Superman figure ever made? Only a few boxed versions are known to exist.