Mego World's Greatest Super Heroes!
Mego's most successful action figure line then and today!  
Solid Boxed Mego Superman.
Example of first issue Mego Superhero window box designs.
Removable cowl Batman and removable mask Robin available in solid box and first issue window box.  (Batman also found in trademark box.)
How to tell the difference between the first and second issue window box design?  The first issue box does not have a TM by the figures name.
Rare WGSH Exclusives, Package and Figure Variations
Circle Suit Spiderman in Electric Company TV show promotional window box.
Some popular examples of US Mego window boxes
Superman, Batman and Spiderman
issued by Popy, Japan.
Mr. Mxyzptlk
issued by Lili Ledy, Mexico.
Examples of foreign Mego window boxes
Green Arrow, Mr. Mzyxptlk smirking version.
Green Goblin, Lizard.
Ironman, Fist Fighting Robin.
MegoHead Factoid!
Did you know that their are over 100 package and figure variations for Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes!