Mego Super Hero Playsets
The Amazing Spider-Car
The Batcopter (third edition drawing box)
The Batcycle (third edition photo box)
The Batmobile (second edition card package)
The Batcave (second edition small box)
Carrying Case
Captain America Car
Mobile Bat Lab
Joker Mobile
Supervator Sper Action Flyby
Wayne Foundation
Green Arrow Car
Sears Exclusive Hulk Hide-Away
This playset was made by Tara Toys and included a Bruce Banner cardboard figure.  For more on this set please see Mego Tales and Mysteries.
Hall of Justice Playset
Photobox Batmobile
First Issue Batman's Batcopter
Many collectors are not aware that the very first photo box Batcopter is a different version then carded or drawing box version!!
MegoHead Factoid!
Did you know that Peter Parker's Daily Bugle was planned as a playset?