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Carded Mego Robin

Mego Robin joins the growing ranks of 8″ DC Comics heroes in wave 13 and a total fan favorite. The look is an update of the classic Mego Robin from the World’s Greatest Superheroes. The major difference is instead of looking like a young boy, Robin now appears to be the college-aged Dick Grayson from the early 1970s.

No more cowlicks baby, this Robin is all grown up.

Sculptor: Andrew Covalt
Outfit: Rachel Baker
Series: DC Comics
Wave: 13
Available: July 2021

Photography by: Jason Saville


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Carded Mego Robin

Mego wave 13

Mego wave 13 2021

Mego Robin Shoes

Mego Robin doll

Mego Robin belt

Mego Robin 2021 Wave 13

Mego Robin 2021 Wave 13

Mego 8" Robin 2021 Wave 13

Mego 8" Robin 2021

Mego 8" Robin

Mego Batman and Robin

Mego Batman and Robin

Mego Robin


Mego Joker 2021 Mego Joker Card Back

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Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 4

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