Mego Meet People

One of the bigger draws of a show like Mego meet is getting to know the people by something other than their museum avatar. Mego meet is a great excuse to kick back and meet the folks you've dealt with for years!

Brain, Anthony and Joe.

Roberto (Blue Meanie) and Steve Moore.

Chris DVM

Ron (Stabilio) Steve Moore and Dave McCormick

Mego Meet Dealer Room

Paul "Dr Mego" Clarke and DaveMc (who was one of the reasons everyone was at megomeet)

Bill Burger one of the people who helped made Megomeet happend

Bill (Megotu) and his partner in crime.

They're all in the same room and yet they still go into chat!

Holy Bat Angles Batman! The Mego Meet Pub Crawl

Air Guitar anyone?

Special thanks to Tom, Joe and Bill for the great pics!