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Mego Museum Super Collector

Available now for the first time ever on his own, the Mego Museum Supercollector with his newly designed Mego Museum 3.o



One complete Mego Museum Super Collector Man Doll complete with solid box and MegoMuseum Accessorie , one package of Mego Museum, Plaid Stallions and AHI Trading cards (it’s a blind bag mix).

This package] does NOT include the Super Collector figure



People who order directly from us get a free collectible Rack Toys postcard, only available from Plaid Stallions. Each is an ironic shot from a book’s chapter introduction page. Every order includes a stack of Mego Museum, Lincoln Monsters, Tomland and Foreign Mego trading cards.


                                    Payment and shipping information:

          The shipping quote is for US Only. Canadians pay a little less and Europeans sadly pay a little more. I am as fair as Canada post allows me to be, no handling charges, no charges for packing material. Just straight up postage cost yo.

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