Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stretching the Limits at the MegoMuseum!

Today we finish our regular trading card reveals and it's certainly a nice way to go out, a cliffhanger. Will Mego Mr Fantastic be joined by his team mates? Only time will tell.

Mego Forum Chatter

Me Tarzan? A recent foreign Mego Auction has folks noticing that it also includes a set of Megomuseum Trading Cards.

Curse you Lucas! fans irate about this newest Star Wars DVD announcement


Tomorrow: We unveil the Megomeet Exclusive trading card! The only way to get this cool card is to attend Megomeet! You'll see it here tomorrow for the first time.

Next Week: The Really BIG Announcement, the one I've been hinting at for weeks. It's so cool, you'll plotz!

Mego is about to get noticed!


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