Monday, July 10, 2006

Mego Unveils the Vamp and the Champ!

Really neat stuff today, the 1976 Toy Fair newsletter is something I never thought I'd get my hands on but thanks to an awesome donation, I have a copy.
This amazing piece of Mego History shows a company at it's prime, when it represented the giants of entertainment and brother, they did it in style.

Other Mego Stuff:

Vinny offers some pics of his Super Knights display, it's pretty hard to top.

Lots of Chatting about the new George Reeves biopic

I have a soft spot for this custom of Spider-Man foe The Chameleon

And finally, Diamond did an interview last week with yours truly, I'm always reluctant to do such things but in the end, I'm glad they approached me. No pics of me in my AJ suit, I swear...


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