Monday, February 12, 2007

Will the Empire Strike back?

Interesting Article today from 1980 that discusses the upcoming sequel to Star Wars and it's impact on the toy industry, the article involves the bigger toy companies of the day including of course, Mego. Here's a sample:

The early box office returns are in, and from most predic­tions, it looks like The Empire Strikes Back is a solid hit, if not a repeat of the tornado of suc­cess that swept the country three years ago.

No one expected an exact re­play, but the pending sequel was for months an oasis of op­timism for retailers in a year of financial uncertainty. Al­though cautious and conserva­tive in picking up new SKUs, retailers still believe there's toy store magic in Star Wars. "The new movie is probably going to be the greatest movie ever," says Ben Franklin's Jerry Dickson, "but is it going to sell toys?"

That's the question on most industry minds right now. Dickson believes the movie can be the "greatest," yet not make it across retail counters. "Black Hole was a good movie, but it didn't sell toys. Star Trek was a tremendous box office hit, but if didn't necessarily sell toys, although some were solid. 'Buck Rogers' has been the best seller 'til now, and has sold a few toys, but not to the magnitude the original Star Wars did." READ THE REST HERE

Great Scott! (literally)

Scott has done an amazing job on this working Clark Kent Phone Booth playset, click here to see more and the movie he made of it in action!


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