Friday, February 22, 2008

Mego Toy Store Pic from 1980

mego superheroes in Gimbels from 1980

This awesome new colour picture of the Mego Superheroes in Gimbels demonstrates how the line had shrunk down it's core by this time. Note there is a whole display of 12" Incredible Hulk dolls and Remco Spider-Copters behind.

This just one of many vintage toy store shots that we have in the Mego Museum Ad Archive.

mego superheroes in 1975

This image is from 1975 and shows an end cap of Mego Super Vators and Batcaves as well as an above average selection of G.I. Joe.

mego superheroes in 1975

Look carefully at this Circus World image from 1976, you'll see something familiar in the window.

mego superheroes in 1975

Another great scene from 1976, this time a WGSH Display box nestles calmly between a literal army of Adventure Team Joes.

What was your favourite place to buy Mego back in the day?
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