Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Superheroes and Monsters At

Lots of new things to see at starting with a new page devoted to France's Ceji Arbois and their uber cool line of Battle of the Planets (or as they knew it La Baitalle De Planetes ) action figures.

Sadly, these guys are rare due to their use of a SuperJoe body, which if you didn't know, distintegrates over a long period of time.

Over in the Lincoln International section, we have some additions in terms of solid boxes for the Monsters.

Also added is the famous "Monsters VS The Superheroes" spread from the 1976 Wards catalog when Galoob carried the Monsters line.

Finally in the Unknown Manufacturers section, there are four new Mexican knock off Mego figures.

These crude little guys can barely stand up but they have a certain charm to them that's hard to resist, like some bad piece of folk art.

If you have additions to, drop Lou a line on the site.

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