Monday, February 08, 2010

A Brief history of the Mego Museum and Obscure Mascots.

When the Museum started in 1996 the Roman columns and marble statues were inspired by a trip to Caesar's Palace in Vegas. The headless body of the Type 2 Mego--the foundation of virtually everything we know as Mego--was the main symbol, or mascot, for the Museum.

The earliest mascot of the Museum was Anselm, a janitor figure created by Jason DeWitt of Here he is digging some artifacts out of the basement circa 1997.

The front entrance to the Museum looked like this from the late 90's on. The picture in the window changed all the time. Here it shows another old Museum mascot, Wink Blinkman, the World's Greatest Super Anchorman.

For a brief time Wink was joined by a cast of characters including Cubby Mulrooney, a feisty curator and part-time jazz dance instructor, and two others who's names have been forgotten. The idea of a Mego Museum mascot faded away.

Then, in 2004, the idea of making a virtual building to represent the Museum was floated. The building shape is based on the iconic Mego Corp. logo and retains the marble and columns that have always characterized the Museum.

That idea was quickly abandoned in favor of a Mego style vinyl playset of the building, which is a much more fun idea that celebrates Mego toys over cheesey faux marble. Above is an early concept sketch.

Since 2005 the Mego Museum playset carrying case has served as the logo and face of the Mego Museum. How exactly does the the playset carrying case work? What does it do? What is it's purpose? Who, if anyone, actually carries it?

Only TIME will tell.


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