Mr Abrams goes to Washington Superman Ad Action Figure Article Part 2
1979 Grand Toys Showroom 2-Xl ad 1977 Grand Toys All Stars Ad Parkdale Novelty 1977 Toyfair ad
Martin Abrams Ad Micronauts Launch Mego Spring Sales Flier 1977 Mego Sales
Article about Mego Launch of the Comic Action Heroes Part 2 about the Mego Comic Action Heroes Mego dispute over Amex Mego Financing Article
3" Figure Article (1980) Part 2 Mego Amex Article (1981) Mego Financing Article (1981)
Great Ad for the Launch of Dinah Mite Article about the launch of Fabuolous Fred Dukes of Hazzard Store Appearance
Dinah Mite Ad (1973) Fabulous Fred Launch Dukes Store Appearance (1981) WGSH Ad
Article about Mego Licensing and the acquistion of the Black Hole Part 2 about the licensing industry and Mego Part 3 including the Mego VP interview
Licensing Article (1980) Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
 Mego Stretch Dolls Ad Marty Abrams Addresses the Amex club Piece on the formation of MIRG
Stretch Ad Amex Club (1980) MIRG Article (1980) Debt Dispute (1981)
 Macy's Parade FLoat of the Mego Planet of the APes Micronauts Trade Schedule of tv commercials mego 1975 trade announcement of new toys Mego licensing news about the Black Hole deal
Macy's Parade Float (1975) Micronauts Ad Schedule (1977) 75 Mego Toy Fair Black Hole Announcement (1980)
1976 Mego toyfair ad featuring the Comic Action Heroes, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek and Cher! 1976 Mego toyfair ad featuring the Comic Action Heroes, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek and Cher! Ad for licensing Marvel Comics characters which features Mego product ad for Mego Star Trek Role Play items
1976 toy fair ad Part 2 Marvel Licensing Ad Star Trek Role Play
Advertising for Wee Woody's Mego announces it's buying LJN Monster times article 1972 Marty Abrams Interview
Wee Woody's Ad Mego Buys LJN '74 Monster Times 72 Abrams article
Mego dies, a report on how it happend from June 1982 mego expands! Article detailing the sales of the Micronauts, which were amazing for Mego 1980 Grand Toys sales piece
Demise of Mego (1982) Mego Expands (1975) Micronauts Smash hit (1978) 1980 Grand Toys Sales piece
Mego Wayne Foundation ad Mego moves to the toy building in NY Action Jackson ad demenstrates that it's a TV item Mego announces Logan's Run in the only known ad that mentions it
Wayne Foundation ad Mego Moves (1975) Action Jackson Ad Logans Run Ad
DC comics Convention Ad Ayyyyy! Superman Movie Ad Ken Abrams Interview (1973)
1973 LCA ad 76 WGSH ad 78 Hulk Spidey TV ad Mego VS AHI article (1975)
POTA Store Appearance Apes Article Wonder Woman Ad Repro art: CHiPs
Repro Art: Superman Playset Repro Art: 12" Superman Repro Art: 12" Wonder Woman Repro art: 12" Hulk
Repro Art: Fonzie Motorcycle Repro Art: Happy Days Gang Repro Art: Happy Days Garage Repro art: CB Mchaul
Mego WGSH insert featuring a prototype Superman      
1973 WGSH colour Insert featuring Prototype Superman Repro Art: 1978 WGSH assortment 2 Repro Art: 1978 WGSH assortment 1 Repro Art: 1978 WGSH assortment 3
The 1973 Mego Order Form   The original stars of Wizard of Oz meet with martin Abrams Piece about Mego's the Blimp
1973 Mego order form Repro Art: Hero Cars Wizard of Oz Stars at Mego Gala Mego : The Blimp
 1978 CB McHaul Repro Art      
Repro Art: 1978 CB McHhaul Repro Art: Flash Gordon Repro Art: Aquaman vs the Great White Shark Repro Art: Bat Base
a whole mess of Mego Logos      
Mego Logos Mego 12" Magnetic Spiderman Repro Art:Starsky and Hutch Torino Repro Art: Mego Starsky and Hutch
1980 Mego Contest Repro Art: Wayne Foundation Repro Art: Wonder Woman Playset The Champ