Mego Museum Library Contents
Interviews with Mego Employees

Neil Kublan: The Executive VP of Marketing at Mego, Neil Kublan was instrumental in creating the 8 inch toy line and nearly every major product line from 1971-1980.

Harold Shull: The art director for Mego speaks with curator Brian Heiler about his career in the industry and days at Mego.

Vincent Baiera:The Product Design Manager from 1974-1980 shares his experiences at Mego, including original production notes, candid photos, and unproduced prototypes.

John and Linda McNett: Linda McNett was Neal Kublan's Administrative Assistant from early 1974 until late 1978 and John McNett was the esteemed Director of Design from early 1977 until early 1979.

Bill Baron InterviewHarvey Zelman:Mego's Product Manager discusses his work at Mego for Black Hole, Micronauts, Superman and more.

Bill Baron Interview Bill Baron, Mego VP of R&D discusses his time at Mego near the end of the line.

Growing Up Mego: Ken Abrams,son of Mego Chairman Martin Abrams shares his memories of life growing up in the World's Greatest Toy Company.

Mego Memorabilia

Artifacts from the Mego Corporation, some interesting, some mundane. Just when you thought your collection was complete: Mego Stock Certificates!

Mego Order Sheets

See what the retailers paid! These order forms are a rare look at the assortments and prices of wholesale Megos.
Mego Museum Discoveries
1974 Showroom Discovery
Mego Museum Articles

Vintage Toy Store Directory
A listing of cool shops worldwide where you can find vintage Megos and more. Add your favorite shop!

Mego Museum Top Five Articles
Mego Museum Art Department
Mego Reproduction Art

A wonderful collection of Mego graphic advertising art.

Mego Preservation Society

An archive of instruction sheets from Mego playsets and various graphics for Mego toys.

Mego Insert Catalogs
The Mego Art of Neil Adams:

What do you get when you match a legendary artist with a legendary toy company? Legendary package art, of course!

Batman Mego Art Gallery

An exploration of the many looks Batman received at Mego.

Comic Book Origins!

A fascinating look at the origins of many of Mego's most famous images.

Mego Museum Catalog Library

1975 Catalog Mego
An archive of original Mego Catalogs mingled with historical information about the company and quotes from Mego executives. There is no better look at the company's growth and decline spanning 1972-1982.

Mego Trade Ad and Press Archive

An ever-growing archive of Mego Ads from toy trade publications and articles in the toy and mainstream press. Hundreds of tantilizing clues to the Mego story.

Christmas Catalogs

Start making your wish lists, because the Christmas Catalog is here! The pages of Sears, Eatons, JC Penneys and of course, Montgomery Wards were where many of us dreamed our fondest Mego dreams. These classic pages are sure to take you back!

Heroes World Catalogs

When Christmas was past we could also count on the Hero's World Catalog to keep us salivating all year long. Here were Mego figures many of us had never seen in person, but we had Joe Kubert's drawings to show us what we were missing.

These miniature product catalogs were included in playsets and with some figures and are collectibles in their own right.



Mego Websites Archive

No, Mego never had a website. But legendary collector John Bonavita's Mego head Toys is archived here. Coming Soon: The original Mego Museum (circa 1999). See what online Mego looked like before broadband!

It looks like a Mego, but it ain't! It's Mego-esque.