The Vault of Mego Christmas Catalogs

Other than the toys themselves, some of our strongest Mego memories may be the Department Store Catalogs of the 1970's.

Companies such as Wards, JC Pennys and Sears outdid themselves year after year with exciting, colorful pages that helped influence our letters to Santa.

Many of these players such as Montgomery Wards and Eatons are like mego, long since gone ,leaving only these great catalogs as their legacy.

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Consumers Distributing 1984 featuring Dukes of Hazzard and CHiPs 1978 Sears Canada featuring Mego Superheroes, Baron Karza and Super Joe 1978 Sears Canada featuring Mego Planet of the Apes and Star Wars Baby! 1978 Sears Canada Mego Micronauts Spread
1977 Montgomery Wards Micronauts Spread 1977 Sears Canada Micronauts, Mego Star Trek, Kotter and More 1977 Sears Canada Six Million Dollar Man, Mego Spiderman, Stretch Armstrong, Big Jim P.A.C.K 1978 Simpsons Canada Mego Micronauts Spread
1974 Aldens Steve Scout, Mego RC Batman and Fighting Furies 1974 Planet of the Apes, AHI Monsters, Lone Ranger dolls 1974 Aldens Mego Supergals, Dinah Mite 1975 Eatons Catalog Mego Planet of the Apes, Mego Superheroes, Mego Star Trek
1974 Wards featuring Hombre a rare exclusive Woolco Canada Mego 12 inch hereos, Stretch Monster Woolco 1977 Shogun Warriors, Mego Micronauts, Star Wars JC Penny 1976 Mego Comic Action Heroes
Montgomery Wards catalog page featuring Action Jackson, Amigo and many other cool rarities 1974 JC Penny ad for Mego Western Heroes and Lone Ranger 1974 JC Penney Ad showing Prototype Blue Batcopter Blue Batcopter from JC Penny
1974 Eatons Mego Superheroes ad 1974 Sears Canada featuring Mego Apes and Heroes  1974 Monkey Wards featuring the Alter Egos 1975 Sears Canada featuring Apes and the rare Canadian exclusive horse
75 Sears featuring Mego Star Trek 75 Wards featuring the mad monsters and Waltons 1975 Wards with the DARE BROTHERS 1975 Wards Superheroes
1976 JC Penney featuring Mego Star Trek Role Play items 1976 JC Penney MEGO Superheroes 1976 Sears featuring Mego Star Trek and Space:1999 1976 Wards Mego Star Trek slick
the Mego Superheroes VS the Lincoln Monsters! Wards 1976 1977 Wards Mego Superheroes page 1980 Sears Canada page featuring the Black Hole characters and Buck Rogers characters cool 70's Spiderman and Batman toys