Found by toy designer Vinnie Baiera after nearly 30 years, these rare "behind the scenes" photographs give us a never before seen look into what did and didn't make the cut during the 1976 and 1977.

The Lost Mego Archives

Mego Batman and Robin Batcoders

Bat Coders

Mego Bat Console

Bat Console

Batcopter prototype

Bat Copter Prototype

mego torino prototype

Torino Prototype

mego torino prototype

Torino Slot Car Set

Mego Wayne Foundation Prototype

Wayne Foundation Prototype

Mego  Laverne and Shirley

Laverne and Shirley Board Game

Mego  Ali game

Muhammad Ali Game

Mego  King Kong game

King Kong Game

Mego  tricorder


Mego  Trekulator

Trekulator Prototype

Muhammad Ali Gym

Mego  star trek telescope

Star Trek Telescope

Mego  tricorder

Star Trek Pressure Chamber

Mego  Trekulator

Star Trek Crystal Radio

Star Trek Alarm Clock

Mego  star trek Science Kit
travesti sikisi

Star Trek Microsope

Mego  Star Trek Science Kit

Star Trek Sextant

Mego  star trek enterprise playset

The Enterprise Playset

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