James Bond: Moonraker

the cover to the 1979 Moonraker catalog

Mego had big plans for a Moonraker line of toys as this catalog insert certainly shows, While most collectors know about the 12" line of Mookraker figures it's interesting to note that Mego was mainly interested in producing a line of vehicles and 3 3/4" figures..

mego moonraker catalog

Click on the above image to see the big two page spread of Moonraker toys, larger shots of the vehicles are below.

mego moonraker catalog

Click on the above image to see the page page of the Moonraker catalog.

Mego Moonraker Jet Boat

Above the James Bond Jet boat which Mego designer Tory Mucaro mentioned working on during his interview. According to Mucaro, the toy was meant to serve as a hang glider as well. While the piece mentions two figures, it doesn't mention which ones, most likely Bond would be one of them. It's to make out what the figures are, possibly used from another toy line.

Moonraker shuttle by Mego

The Moonraker shuttle is also created for the 3 3/4", it's resemblance to the Space Shuttle likely would have made this a big hit.

James Bond helicopter

The James Bond helicopter is a recycled comic action heroes Bat Copter and we get a good glimpse of the prototype James Bond figure, a comic action Superman wearing the Penguin's jacket. Most likely mego would have sculpted a new Bond figure had this seen production.

James Bond Moonraker toy prototype

It's interesting to note that this converted Palitoy Action Man doll is not a Mego prototype but an actual prop from the film. Special Effects wizard Derek Meddings (who also worked on many Gerry Anderson productions) used this figure in effects sequences. Seeing as none of the 12" figures had been sculpted, this served as a proxy until the actual figures were produced. The figure above stood in for the deluxe Commander Bond figure