Batman Classic Series Wave 4 Reveals!

Collectors of Figures Toy Company’s Batman Classic TV Series figures are about to have a Meow-y Christmas!  Coming into stock in late December is the latest lineup of figures, featuring two of the most requested, most wanted, most anticipated figures that FTC has ever done!  Both Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar versions of Catwoman lead the line that also includes Alfred’s cousin Egbert Pennyworth (who we were introduced to in “The Joker’s Provokers”) and Alfred himself disguised as the Caped Crusader!
Since FTC started offering fans to get figures of the characters as they were depicted on the classic 1966 TV series, fans all over the world have been waiting for the day that the two beloved actresses would see their likenesses used for new Catwoman collectibles.  Now the wait is over, and the inclusions of Egbert and Alfred as Batman are two quirky variants that will please both Batman figure completists and fans that are familiar with each episode of the Batman show. 
Delivery is expected by late December, so while it’s cutting it close to Christmas, we now know that FTC is doing their part to make the holiday season purrfect!  Stay tuned, because FTC will have these items and more up for order on Figures Toy Company in the near future!  Do some holiday shopping there while you wait, as FTC has plenty to offer from a variety of popular pop culture licenses!  Figures from DC Comics, KISS, and even Jolly Ol’ St. Nick can help you spread some Christmas cheer!  FTC’s social media is a great way to get figure news as soon as it breaks, and you can be sure that Mego Museum will also let you know when these furrocious figures arrive in stock.  Make sure you’re following both FTC and Mego Museum social media pages, and you can look forward to more #MMFTCNEWS updates on new FTC releases in the coming weeks!


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