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Up close with the Universal Monsters


The Megomuseum was lucky enough to spend a little time with the original head sculpts for the upcoming fourth wave of Diamond Select Universal Monster figures produced in conjunction with EMCE toys. Both figures were sculpted by veteran toy sculptor Sean Sansom, who has crafted some memorable Re-Mego figures such as Bif Bang Pow!’s Twilight Zone Bob Wilson and the upcoming Creature…

Original Mego Factory Head Molds Found

Some amazing pieces of Mego history recently surfaced in the form of these original factory head molds for the Mego Elastic Heroes line of toys. Pictured above the Spider-Man head mold reunited with his “child” a factory produced Spider-Man. Original Mego factory molds are not regularly or commonly found with most feared destroyed decades ago.…

Bif Bang Pow at SDCC


The good folks at Bif Bang Pow! were kind enough to chare some shots from their booth including prototypes from Doctor Who, Six Million Dollar Man, Battlestar Galactica and Twilight Zone. Look for more updates as the con progresses.  

The Phantom the Opera 360

The good people at EMCE toys have given us a better look at their upcoming Lon Chaney “Phantom of the Opera” figure and we’re all better for it. It’s weird to wishing for Halloween 2013 already….    

SDCC: EMCE Diamond Select wave four revealed

San Diego Comic Con is underway and the first big reveal we have is this incredibly awesome display of EMCE toys/Diamond Select Retro Universal Monsters which is a two pack of the Phantom of the Opera and the Metaluna Mutant! Which are slated to be released Fall 2013. More info on these two later but…

I am the greatest!


Steve sent in some amazing shots of some very rare Muhammad Ali merchandise, the very rare boxing gloves and bop bag which we’ll be adding to our Muhammad Ali Gallery very shortly.  Click on any of the images below for a better look:

Bionic Treats from Bif Bang Pow!

CLICK ON BIGFOOT TO SEE THE KEYCHAIN IN ACTION Bif Bang Pow just made the following announcements via their website and share with the Megomuseum an exclusive video clip!: Richard Anderson, who portrayed Oscar Goldman in The Six Million Dollar Man, gives us his greatest assignment of all as he launches our Bif Bang Pow!…

Hake’s Auction 206 Launches

Never one to disappoint us in the goodies department, Hake’s Americana has opened up Auction 206 and it’s full of amazing examples of classic Mego toys, including: Kresge carded Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Robin(s) Carded Bend n Flex Heroes Window Boxed Superheroes Laverne and Shirley set Mailer Boxed Hall of Justice and much more Visit Hake’s…

Megomuseum Community Upgrade

You may notice a service outage today and then a Mego forum that you don’t quite recognize. That’s because after five years, we’re finally upgrading the forums with a “space age” new forum and look. This was made possible through your participation in things like the Museum customs auction and clicking on our ebay and…

Megolike unleashes “The Patriot” has added another gallery page to it’s fold, this time it’s popular 80s Rack Toy manufacturer Fleetwood Toys and their figure “The Patriot”. The figure itself is a reissued Mego/Lion Rock WW2 figure. If that wasn’t good enough, this isn’t just a generic soldier figure, it’s based on a long forgotten 1986 action movie that…