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The Mego Museum Revisits 1974

The Mego 1974 Catalog All this week at the Mego Museum, we will be adding content from the ground breaking 1974 Mego catalog, this includes new scans and some content never before seen on the site. World’s Greatest Superheroes, Mad Monsters, Dinah Mite, Action Jackson  and more surprises will be unveiled every day this week.

A New Foreign Mego Discovery!

Chivalry isn’t dead. Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, something new and undiscovered pops up. The fact that Mego collectors are still discovering things sometimes 35 years after the fact is part of the joys of the hobby itself. Today the Museum wishes to thank Gerhard for sharing with us this incredible…

An Interview with Marty Abrams Part 2

This 1974 Interview with then Mego president Marty Abrams is a new discovery here at the Museum. The second installment (You can find Part one here) speaks specifically to Abram’s philosophy on licensing, his past experiences and what he believes is a good license particularly Planet of the Apes, the Superheroes and his latest Evel…

An Interview with Marty Abrams Part 1

We here at the Mego Museum were excited to find this vintage toy industry publication interview with then Mego President Marty Abrams. This 1974 piece gets Abram’s opinions on the Toy Industry, Licensing and his vision of the future – specifically his then red hot Planet of the Apes license. Part two will follow next…

Bold Adventure, that’s my game

We had a smaller pic of it here for years but this morning we added this 1972 trade ad to the Action Jackson Gallery showing the tremendous TV push they gave AJ back in the day. Click on the link to see a larger view. We’re updating the Mego Museum Action Jackson Galleries all this…

Diamond Select makes it so with Star Trek: The Next Generation

The good folks at Art Asylum have given a sneak peek at ReMego future with this shot of the first two figures in the ReMego waves of Star Trek the Next Generation figures. This will no doubt, make a lot of people happy… For more information, please visit the site:

The Super Collector As Seen on TV

We are pleased to announce that Brick and the Super Collector will be available for purchase during the month of July. All the details on how to order will be loudly shouted from the Museum hallways.