Designing the Super Collector and Brick Mantooth

As noted in an earlier post, A Brief History of Mego Museum Mascots, we’ve had a few mascots around here but none of them stuck. So we started playing around with a “Heroes World” style character that could represent the Museum in a fun way. When the idea came up to make a mascot for the Museum as an action figure we wanted to get the most out of a factory rotocast head so we set about creating an alter ego in Brick Mantooth, so that would essentially be an unmasked Super Collector. As Brian H and Robyn Adams developed the characters Steve Moore worked on prototype outfits for the figures, which was an important part of the process because an idea that looks good on paper may not work so well as a doll outfit. Head sculpts by Sean Sansom brought the whole thing to life. Now that the final figures are arriving (Thanks to EMCE Toys) here’s a look back at how they came to be:

Bonus: Here’s the animatic for the proposed Supercollector “commercial” that was turned into a comic strip instead.


Robyn Adams (under the name Scott C Adams until recently) created the Mego Museum in 1996 and has been constantly redesigning it very slowly ever since. She is an animation background painter, graphic artist, illustrator and web designer in Oakland, California. She can be reached at 

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  1. Robert
    August 8, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    That was a really cool glimpse into the creative process. I saw alot of versions I liked in there, but ultimately you made a great choice on both characters.

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