Exclusive Batman Series 5 Reveal!


Gotham City is overrunning with rogues, but fortunately Batman has backup on the way!  Figures Toy Company has revealed the lineup for Batman Retro Series 5, which features 3 of the Caped Crusader’s most recognizable rivals, as well as one of his greatest allies!

The latest series of Batman figures features an all star lineup of characters, with designs inspired by the Silver Age of DC Comics.  The series includes new updated versions of fan favorite females Batgirl and Catwoman, as well as debut figures for Poison Ivy and Two Face!  Now some of the most famous faces in Batman history can join Batman, Robin, and the rest of the previous Figures Toy Company releases in your collection!  Each figure features a detailed sculpt and clothing based on their appearances in the pages of the Batman comic book, and the reseal able clamshell packaging allows you to take them out and recreate your favorite Batman moments, then place them back in there for display!  Previous sneak previews had been shown for Two Face, Catwoman, and Batgirl, but this is the official confirmation that all of those figures will be part of this amazing lineup!

Stay tuned to Mego Museum and Figures Toy Company for additional updates on Batman Series 5, including pre-order information and availability.  With the holiday season upon us, be sure to visit Figures Toy Company for figures that would make amazing gifts! Recent releases for the Super Friends, limited edition Kresge packaged figures, and even a special edition Christmas Time With The Three Stooges set are all available for you to order now!  To keep up with all the latest news, keep using hashtag #MMFTCNEWS to see what’s new from Figures Toy Company as soon as it’s revealed!



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