Exclusive Look at Mego Wave 6 Werewolf!

Werewolf from Mego Corp.

Mego Wave Six Werwolf

We’ve got an exclusive look at the flocked WereWolf from the upcoming Wave six horror assortment.

This wave is being called an “Interim Wave” by Mego, so that foreign distributors can catch up (Just like the previously announced “Trouble with Tribbles” wave of Star Trek).

It Includes 5 figures:
1x New Werewolf – Full Body Flock and New Outfit
1x Frankenstein – Bare Chested with Painted Stitches and Reconstructed with Different Body Parts
1x New Dracula – Glow in the Dark with Purple Lined Cape
1x Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger
1x Glow in the Dark Nosferatu with Black Coat

You can order these right now at Entertainment Earth.

Special thanks to Mego for this amazing scoop!



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