First Look! Mego Creepshow and Alice Cooper carded samples

“I want my cake!!”

Nathan Grantham from the “Father’s Day” vignette in the 1982 George Romero Creepshow movie, complete with his daughter’s severed head as his cake straight from Mego’s factory.

Mego Crrepshow

The figure is coated with textured paint to represent the dirt that Nathan brought from his own grave.

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Joining Nathan is the long-awaited Alice Cooper figure in his iconic “Welcome 2 my Nightmare” costume – complete with a separate top hat!  Alice Cooper is the Godfather of Shock Rock!

Over five decades, his psychedelic music and stage theatrics have inspired glam,
hard rock, metal, and punk bands around the world!
In 2010, The Alice Cooper band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mego’s figure portrays “The Coop” as he appeared at the induction ceremony on March 14, 2011.
These figures are on the new MA26 body and will hit retailers this winter. #MakeMineMego

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