Gene Simmons: Original Accessories and Known Repros
Loose Gene Simmons


Each character in the KISS line has unique armbands, even though some have similar looks. Ace and Gene both have the silver leather type material armbands, but Ace's come to a bit of a point near the elbows, and Gene's are cut flat. Neither have been factory reproduced.


All of the Kiss figures have two-part boots, the lower part made of hard plastic like other Mego boots, the upper made of material. The upper part I'm calling the "boot extention" and it's covered below. Here, we'll cover the pastic part of the boot that actually covers the foot. All the KISS figures wear the same style platform boots, but each character has a unique color design. Gene has boots that are primarily silver, with black strips one the sides and a spike design on the platform part of the boot. It should be noted that very early version of boots for all characters in the line featured boots with NO stencil work detail on them at all, but the common versions feature this detail. None of the KISS boots have been factory reproduced.

Boot Extentions

boot extentions

The upper part of the KISS boots are made of material instead of plastic, like the main part of the boot. Each figure features a unique upper boot. Both Ace and Gene feature boot extentions made of the same silver "leather" material as their armbands. Ace's is different than Gene's though. Ace's are shorter and cut flat across the top, just below the knee, where Gene's go up over the knee into a point. None of the KISS boot extentions have been factory reproduced.



Gene's has chains sewn into the front of his suit. Technically not an accessory since they are sewn in, they are still pieces that could be easily missing from a figure. For that reason, we'll mention them here with a picture to show what they look like. These chains have not been factory reproduced.