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Mego Loose Black Old B.O.B Grand Toys Canada

          Super rare and awesome Old B.O.B from the amazing Black Hole line of toys. The second wave was cancelled in the US but Canada and Italy got them because they had paid in advance for the line. VERY rare. Figure is in nice shape, see pictures. Does not have stand. Americans

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FTC Dukes of Hazzard Series One

Dukes of Hazzard Series One from FTC. Mint and Unopened.

AHI Batman Battery Operated Zoom Cycle MIB

Beautiful MIB Batman item from 1975, has never been used or played with and it's just gorgeous!    

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Hakaider / Kikaider Action Figure Medicom RAH 220 #03 Japan

1:8th scale Hakaider/Kikaider villain from Medicom RAH 220. This figure is awesome, MIB. Shipping is $8    

Kid Biz Aussie Batman 1989

Kid Biz Batman Mego-like figure from Australia, Michael Keaton Batman era. FOUR available. All are mint on card with moderate wear on the cards. Some mild bubble separation, some dings. Feel free to email with questions.

Complete Set of Lost Figures from BifBangPow!

All six of the BifBangPow! LOST series MOC.

Diamond Select Enterprise

Unplayed with, only removed to photograph. Diamond Select Toys EMCE Star Trek Enterprise playset reproduction.

Mego Meet 2015 Exclusive 8" Super-Soldier

Mego Meet 2015 Exclusive 8" Super-Soldier

Official E-Man Action Figure (MEGO MEET 2016 PRE-ORDER)

PRE-ORDER FOR PICK-UP AT MEGO MEET 2016 E-Man is a classic comic book character, who debuted in Charlton Comics during the original Mego Toys era. After SELLING OUT at New York Comic Con in 2015, the Official E-Man Limited Edition Action Figure Returns at long last! Produced by Random Noir, the hand crafted figure comes in collector

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Female tan bodysuit

Dyed tan from white bodysuit.

Blue bodysuit

Royal blue - made in China.

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Female white bodysuit

White bodysuit trimmed for females and teens.