Mego Museum Interview with Sculptor Andrew Covalt

Unused Mattel Retro Action Hawk Man sculpt

Sam Noir interviewed profilic ReMego sculptor Andrew Covalt for the latest Mego Museum news letter.

Andrew Covalt is extremely skilled at evoking the classic look and feel of
seventies Mego Action Figures with his sculpts. In recent years he’s worked on ReMego toylines such as Mattel’s DC Retro Action, Diamond/EMCE’s Star Trek, Bluntman and Chronic, and his most recent releases include Odeon Toys’ Captain Canuck and Diamond/EMCE’s Spider-Man. We’ve compiled a complete checklist of his work at the end of this interview.

How did you get your start as a sculptor?

Around 1995, I was inspired to make customs by looking at Charlee
Flatt’s figures and head sculpts, so I bought some SuperSculpy and just
jumped in and started trying to sculpt a head. I did everything wrong
right off the bat! I bought black sculpy because I thought it looked cool,
only to realize it obscured the shadows and I couldn’t see what I was
doing. After I finally got a decent head shape, I decided to bake it so I
wouldn’t knock it out of whack, but then realized I forgot to make
eyeholes so I could sculpt the eyes. When it finally looked finished, I
added a neck placed it on a body only to realize it was way too big. My
first attempt was a complete flop, but I kept at it anyway.



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