Category: 8″

Horror: Nosferatu (Glow in the Dark)

Wave six was an interim wave meant for foreign markets that did not receive waves 1-5, duplicates and variants were the order of the day but still, the appeal to US Mego collectors spurned fast sales.  

Horror: Frankenstein (Scarred Version)

Wave 6 was an interum selection offered to foreign markets who missed out on the 2018 selection of Mego figures. While intended for International release, these variation figures proved popular with Mego Collectors in North America. Wave: 6 Series: Horror Accessories: Chain and shackles

Horror: Dracula (Glow in the Dark Version)

Wave six was an interim wave meant mainly for foreign markets that didn’t get waves 1-5, this didn’t stop US Mego collectors from grabbing with both hands, however. You can order this guy at Entertainment Earth Get Mego Dracula on eBay Check out the vintage Mego Dracula Gallery at the Mego Museum