Bullmark Catalog:

Many foreign distributors put their own mark on the Mego Planet of the Apes line but one of the most interesting was done by Japanese distributor Bullmark who packaged the apes in pretty window boxes with each figure in an action pose. They also included this cool catalog which thanks to Scott from Megocipsa.com we have a better look at.

THe following is a translation of these panels, it's not perfect but is interesting reading.

The Circle reads "The Future"

The Bubble reads ""The scientist seek for earth! What happened?"

The logic of Dr. Einstein follows the terrifying future of the earth. The Orion of the Andromeda galaxy is the future of earth 2,000 years later but you don't know it. But the Capt. Taylor are now looking at it. You can't live for 2,000 years but if you understand the logic, you can understand it.

If any catosrophy happens on Earth, it won't take 100 years to make a Planet of the Ape says some scientist.

The Circle reads :Top Secret"

The bubble reads "The challenger to the ape is no one but you!"


Professor ****** is working hard to give birth to a Super Powered Monkey (Simon) who has a LSI computer in the head and the hand which is 100 times stronger than a usual Gorilla. The birth of Psymon is a complete challenge from the Planet of the Apes against Earth. Either the brain of Apes win or the knowledge of you win! Let's help Taylor and fight together! Give us your ideas of weapons, vehicles to the challenge the Apes!

Earth Defense Command Bullmark