Reproduction Parts and Clothing


Light blue pants

For alter-ego Parker.

Purple bodysuit

Just arrived from China - proper purple bodysuit.

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Purple pants

I wanted these in light blue but the factory sent them|n|in purple - it's not worth sending them back - so I am|n|dropping the price to move them. Maybe your general|n|ape or lizard needs new pants?

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Red tunic

Red snap front tunic with short sleeves and a yellow collar cape included. Made in China.

White hooded cape

White cape w/black lined hood

Repro Mego-sized Vinyl Cape

Shiny black or blue vinyl cape for the Dark Knight! This cape is the same size as the classic Mego cape.  A full-length cape is also available. Below is shown the cape in blue, but available in either blue or black.

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White collar cape

Hand made with a yellow elastic strap.  Can be made in most colors.

Alien head

As seen frequently on Robot Chicken. Can be cast in any color.

Tomland blue Yeti head

What a beast! Can be cast in other colors.

Black AJ cowboy hat

Made in India - it is a little larger than the Wild Bill Hicock hat - available only in black. Would work well for custom Three Musketeers.

Scotty head

Can be cast in any color.

Lancelot helmet

Cast in white with silver visor.

Choose color:8 inch knee joints

Enter color choice in the text box in the shopping cart.  You get 5 pins and 5 sockets in any color combination you want.

Replacement hands

Can be dyed other colors using Ritt fabric dye and boiling water.

Type 2 male mego-style caucasian body

Naked and headless male caucasian body

White hands

Pulled from the paper white body - can be dyed using Ritt fabric dye and boiling water - enter a different color if|n|desired.

Knee joint 8 inch

5 pins and 5 sockets - will be all caucasian flesh unless otherwise noted in comments.

Gray wings

Soft spongy wings that can be attached to a body with a sheetrock screw.

Galahad sword

Also used for Ivanhoe and King Arthur.

Six-shooter and gunbelt

Western colt .45 gun and brown PVC gunbelt - made in China

9mm glock gun

Made in China - not the standard .38 or .45 automatic|n|that MEGO used for everyone.

German Luger gun

Can be cast in any color.

12 inch red pirate boots

Red pirate boots scaled for 12 inch megos - can be cast in any color.

Yellow teen boots

Look for the matching yellow teen gloves in the GLOVES page.

Yellow male pirate boots

Made in China - Andorian/pirate boots in yellow.

Magnetic feet

Magnets super-glued into the bottom - can be cast in any color - like green or red.

White boot legs

Used for Space:1999 figures - can be cast in any color.

Yellow female gloves

Vinyl "oven-mitts" for girls - made in China

Yellow teen gloves

Matching pair to the teen boots on the BOOTS page.

Long dark blue female gloves

Opera-length vinyl gloves - made in China

White plastic gloves

Molded fingers gloves in white

Purple flair gloves

Andorian gloves in purple - can be cast in different colors.