Reproduction Parts and Clothing


White Labcoat

Made in China - now back in stock - at a lower price!

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Red collar cape

Hand made - can be made in other colors

Blue male cape

Blue male cape scaled to 8 inch megos

Female tan bodysuit

Dyed tan from white bodysuit.

Black alter-ego hat

This is a repro of the actual alter-ego CK hat, it is|n|different from the Wild Bill Hickock hat.

Purple/Green outfit

Purple-magenta top with green leggings.

Red male cape

Standard hero cape with elastic collar to be sewn into the bodysuit. Now made in China.

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Red female strap cape

Hand sewn - can be made in most colors.

12 inch cape

Standard hero cape scaled to mego 12 inch.  Hand made - available in most standard colors.  Zod not included.

Repro Mego-sized Vinyl Cape

Shiny black or blue vinyl cape for the Dark Knight! This cape is the same size as the classic Mego cape.  A full-length cape is also available. Below is shown the cape in blue, but available in either blue or black.

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Black pirate costume set

Black pirate shirt and pants - made in China - with a hand|n|made black cape with tie strings and a rapier sword included.

Mummy head

Mego Mummy head - can be cast in any color.

Green feather hat

Made in China - goes great with the green quiver!|n|For any archer in green like Robin Hood.

Galahad head

Same as the Will Scarlett head - can be cast in any color.

Hutch head

Good for henchmen or other background characters. Give him black hair for a much cooler look.

Alien head

As seen frequently on Robot Chicken. Can be cast in any color.

20 female bodies

20 female bodies - caucasian only. Flat rate charge of $9.00 for priority mail shipping.

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Choose color:8 inch knee joints

Enter color choice in the text box in the shopping cart.  You get 5 pins and 5 sockets in any color combination you want.

Replacement feet

Made in China with PVC so they will never crack.

Choose color: large 8 inch knee joints

Can be cast in any color - write in color choice in text box.

12 inch knee joints

Made in China to the same size as the originals, but the larger 12 inch megos need a longer pin so I cast 5 more slightly longer pins as well.

Addar rifle

From the Addar General Ursus model kit - it is a more accurate Ape rifle than the M-16 mego gave the gorillas.|n|Never give a gorilla an automatic weapon!

Tin Man axe

Cast in brown and the head painted silver.

.44 magnum gun

.44 magnum - a big gun for a big hero or villain.

War hammer

Can be cast in any color.

Ivanhoe lance

Orange lance and yellow guard - can be cast in other colors|n|like brown or black lance with a red guard.

Friar Tuck sandals

Can be cast in any color - brown is the default.

White hero boots

White standard hero boots

Purple 12 inch scale boots

Standard 12 inch scale boots - can be cast in any color.

Goblin boots

Pointy toe boots - can be cast in any color - pink|n|seems to popular - actually it's more like a light|n|magenta than pink.

Cowardly Lion shoes

Cast in soft rubbery brown - can be cast in any color.

Red wristbands

Hand made - no other colors available.

Astronaut gloves

From the very rare Action Jackson Astronaut outfit.|n|Cast in gray to show the detailing better - can be cast in any color.

Black female plastic gloves

Can be cast in any color

Glow in the dark spell hands

The glow is inside the plastic so it will never wear off.

Red plastic gloves

Standard plastic gloves - made in China - also available in white and black.