Reproduction Parts and Clothing


Purple/Green outfit

Purple-magenta top with green leggings.

Purple & black leather costume

Purple sleeves, leggings, and glove tips give this outfit a command presence. Build your army with plenty of high command. Made in China.

White dress shirt

I have a few left over from another project and when|n|they are gone, that's it. Comes with the tie.

12 inch cape

Standard hero cape scaled to mego 12 inch.  Hand made - available in most standard colors.  Zod not included.

Western style sleeveless bodysuit

For a custom gunfighter, sheriff, or any clown in a western town.

Proper green bodysuit

Kelly green bodysuit - a proper Irish green.

Captain shirt

Emblem comes in the bag with the shirt

Female tan bodysuit

Dyed tan from white bodysuit.

Red collar cape

Hand made - can be made in other colors

Repro Mego-sized Vinyl Cape

Shiny black or blue vinyl cape for the Dark Knight! This cape is the same size as the classic Mego cape.  A full-length cape is also available. Below is shown the cape in blue, but available in either blue or black.

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Green hooded cape

Green cape w/black lined hood.

Red male cape

Standard hero cape with elastic collar to be sewn into the bodysuit. Now made in China.

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Frankenstein head

Mego Frankenstein - can be cast in any color.

Buffalo Bill hat

Can be cast in any color.

Non-helmet general ape head

General Urko head - can be cast in any color.

White cowboy hat

Made in China - not available in other colors.

Black AJ cowboy hat

Made in India - it is a little larger than the Wild Bill Hicock hat - available only in black. Would work well for custom Three Musketeers.

Choose color:8 inch knee joints

Enter color choice in the text box in the shopping cart.  You get 5 pins and 5 sockets in any color combination you want.

Replacement feet

Made in China with PVC so they will never crack.

Knee joint 8 inch

5 pins and 5 sockets - will be all caucasian flesh unless otherwise noted in comments.

12 inch knee joints

Made in China to the same size as the originals, but the larger 12 inch megos need a longer pin so I cast 5 more slightly longer pins as well.

Choose color: large 8 inch knee joints

Can be cast in any color - write in color choice in text box.

Lancelot shield

White shield - can be cast in any color.

Yellow FG gun

Can be cast in any color - scaled to 9 inch but it also works|n|for 8 inch.

Space:1999 weapon set

Made in India - but don't hold that against it.

Addar rifle

From the Addar General Ursus model kit - it is a more accurate Ape rifle than the M-16 mego gave the gorillas.|n|Never give a gorilla an automatic weapon!

Lt. blue weapon set

Taken from the new Star Trek megos - literally|n|and includes the tricorder!

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Yellow point boots

Yellow teen boots with a pointed fin on the back.|n|Look for red teen gloves on the GLOVES page.

12 inch red pirate boots

Red pirate boots scaled for 12 inch megos - can be cast in any color.

Purple pirate boots

Andorian boots in purple - can be cast in any color.

Ming boots

9 inch boots from the MEGO Flash Gordon line.

Red female shoes

Little red slip-on shoes - made in China - also available in black.

Isis bracelets

Gold and black wristbands.

Knight gloves

Specially made custom knight gloves - can be cast in any color.

Purple flair gloves

Andorian gloves in purple - can be cast in different colors.

Long dark blue female gloves

Opera-length vinyl gloves - made in China

Magnetic hands

Magnets super-glued inside the hands - can be cast in any color - like blue, red, green, yellow, etc.