Reproduction Parts and Clothing


Purple/Green outfit

Purple-magenta top with green leggings.

Red male cape

Standard hero cape with elastic collar to be sewn into the bodysuit. Now made in China.

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Blue shirt

With gold bands

Blue bodysuit

Royal blue - made in China.

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Proper green bodysuit

Kelly green bodysuit - a proper Irish green.

Repro Full Length Vinyl Cape

Shiny black or blue vinyl cape for the Dark Knight! Below is shown the cape in blue, but available in either blue or black.

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White collar cape

Hand made with a yellow elastic strap.  Can be made in most colors.

Red collar cape

Hand made - can be made in other colors

Blue male cape

Blue male cape scaled to 8 inch megos

Green hooded cape

Green cape w/black lined hood.

Black AJ cowboy hat

Made in India - it is a little larger than the Wild Bill Hicock hat - available only in black. Would work well for custom Three Musketeers.

Tex Willer head

From Mego's foreign cowboy line.

Lancelot helmet

Cast in white with silver visor.

Black Jack head

Can be cast in any color.

Starsky head

Actually a good looking head that can be used as the starting point for a lot of famous characters.  The nose is similar to Dustin Hoffman - the head is that 70's white afro.  Can be cast in any color.

Purple hands

Caucasian hands dyed purple

Replacement hands

Can be dyed other colors using Ritt fabric dye and boiling water.

Knee joint 8 inch

5 pins and 5 sockets - will be all caucasian flesh unless otherwise noted in comments.

Male caucasian mego-style body

Naked and headless male caucasian body

Choose color: large 8 inch knee joints

Can be cast in any color - write in color choice in text box.

Space:1999 weapon set

Made in India - but don't hold that against it.

Galahad sword

Also used for Ivanhoe and King Arthur.

Lancelot shield

White shield - can be cast in any color.

Barbarian sword

Hand made - goes with the brown scabbard.

Space:1999 Comlock

Can be cast in any color - red is the default.

Female yellow pirate boots

Female pirate boots cast in yellow - can be cast in any color.

Short brown pirate boots

Barbarian boots - also available in yellow - made in China.

Goblin boots

Pointy toe boots - can be cast in any color - pink|n|seems to popular - actually it's more like a light|n|magenta than pink.

Purple pirate boots

Andorian boots in purple - can be cast in any color.

Red plastic gloves

Standard plastic gloves - made in China - also available in white and black.

Isis bracelets

Gold and black wristbands.

Long dark blue female gloves

Opera-length vinyl gloves - made in China

Magnetic hands

Magnets super-glued inside the hands - can be cast in any color - like blue, red, green, yellow, etc.

Yellow female gloves

Vinyl "oven-mitts" for girls - made in China