Reproduction Parts and Clothing


Western style sleeveless bodysuit

For a custom gunfighter, sheriff, or any clown in a western town.

Purple shorts

White shorts dyed purple

Soldier brown/black leather costume

Brown tights, black leather tunic with brown sleeves,|n|and gloves to match - THAT'S RIGHT - GLOVES!!!

Female white bodysuit

White bodysuit trimmed for females and teens.

Scale suit bodysuit

Hand sewn bodysuit - no other colors available.|n|Back in stock for a limited time.

Repro Mego-sized Vinyl Cape

Shiny black or blue vinyl cape for the Dark Knight! This cape is the same size as the classic Mego cape.  A full-length cape is also available. Below is shown the cape in blue, but available in either blue or black.

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White hooded cape

White cape w/black lined hood

White collar cape

Hand made with a yellow elastic strap.  Can be made in most colors.

Green hooded cape

Green cape w/black lined hood.

Abraham Lincoln head

Perfect for your custom Ford's Theatre playset.

Klink head

Perfect for a Colonel Klink custom.

White and black head

White head - can be cast in any color.

Frankenstein head

Mego Frankenstein - can be cast in any color.

Little John head

Can be cast in any color

Choose color:8 inch knee joints

Enter color choice in the text box in the shopping cart.  You get 5 pins and 5 sockets in any color combination you want.

White hands

Pulled from the paper white body - can be dyed using Ritt fabric dye and boiling water - enter a different color if|n|desired.

Choose color: large 8 inch knee joints

Can be cast in any color - write in color choice in text box.

20 female bodies

20 female bodies - caucasian only. Flat rate charge of $9.00 for priority mail shipping.

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Purple hands

Caucasian hands dyed purple

Witch broom

Wicked Witch broom - cast in yellow and brown.

Flash Gordon shield

Can be cast in any color - default is blue.

Ivanhoe lance

Orange lance and yellow guard - can be cast in other colors|n|like brown or black lance with a red guard.

Galahad sword

Also used for Ivanhoe and King Arthur.

.44 magnum gun

.44 magnum - a big gun for a big hero or villain.

Will Scarlett boots

Robin Hood boots in red - can be cast in any color.

Red knight shoes

Made in China - also available in black and green.

White hero boots

White standard hero boots

Friar Tuck sandals

Can be cast in any color - brown is the default.

Red pirate boots

Red pirate boots - made in China.

Black female plastic gloves

Can be cast in any color

Astronaut gloves

From the very rare Action Jackson Astronaut outfit.|n|Cast in gray to show the detailing better - can be cast in any color.

Isis bracelets

Gold and black wristbands.

Yellow flair gloves

Andorian gloves in yellow - can be cast in any color

Glow in the dark spell hands

The glow is inside the plastic so it will never wear off.