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The Mego Museum has existed on the internet for over 20 years, bringing you the latest news, supplying you with exhaustive galleries, and giving you forums to discussion your collecting passion. Running the website and forums has gotten more expensive over time, however, and monthly expenses are running about $200/month now, with various extra expenses popping up now and then. We need your help!

There are several ways you can contribute, including a one-time donation, a monthly subscription, purchasing through our Amazon, eBay, and Entertainment Earth links on the forums, and buying Mego Museum merchandise through the Mego Museum store. All funds will go toward keeping the lights on and improving the Museum!

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This is the most helpful option! You will be charged monthly for whatever option you pick below. If you want to donate a monthly amount that isn’t listed, please send an email to: and we’ll set it up for you!

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