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The Parkdale Novelty Action Jackson “Super-Hero” bundle

Action Jackson Mego Bundle Set

One of the biggest supporters of Mego’s Action Jackson line was Morris Kotzer, founder of Parkdale Novelty, one of Canada’s leading toy suppliers. In the MegoMuseum Pod Cast interview with Kotzer’s son Lorne, he recounted the amusing circumstances behind Parkdale placing such a big order. Action Jackson‘s sales fell well below expectations in Canada and…

1977 Parkdale Novelty Catalog

This rare and wonderful piece from Canada recently surfaced and it’s a neat look into how Mego distribution worked in the great white North. Growing up just outside of Toronto, this catalog, which is hobbled together from a variety of sources, solved more than one “why didn’t I get that” mysteries for me. For more…

The Official World’s Greatest Super-Heroes

This very rare leaflet from Canadian Mego distributor Parkdale Novelty just recently surfaced, showcasing the wonderful different 1975 assortments of World’s Greatest Superheroes. The true beauty of this ad is the multitude of different stock art that was used, as many of these images were not used on any form of Mego packaging. Related Images: