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German Mego Comic Action Hero Ads

Ever since the discovery of this “Comic Super Helden” three pack there has been some curiosity as to how much of the line was marketed to the German market. Well, thanks to a generous submission by our new friend Maria, we have some answers and beautiful ads.  Maria shared these ads which appeared in German…

New Video Short: The Mangler

Our latest Mego Museum video short is a better look at one of the oddest toys in the Mego realm, the Mangler! Created for the Comic Action Heroes line in 1976, the Mangler is a strangely cartoonish device with no basis in Marvel Comics. The whole function of the Mangler is to crush the Green…

The Official World’s Greatest Super-Heroes

This very rare leaflet from Canadian Mego distributor Parkdale Novelty just recently surfaced, showcasing the wonderful different 1975 assortments of World’s Greatest Superheroes. The true beauty of this ad is the multitude of different stock art that was used, as many of these images were not used on any form of Mego packaging.