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Vintage Mego: Buck Rogers Star Searcher

  This week we look at the total oddity that is the “Buck Rogers Star Searcher” a repackaged Micronauts vehicle, we also look at some of the other proposed (but not produced) vehicles and playsets for this line. They may look familiar. Visit us online at : http://www.megomuseum.com/galleries/buck3/ Twitter: @megomuseum Facebook Group: Mego Mania

Mint of Card: 14″ Aquaman by Mego Corp

It’s been a while since we did a Mint Off Card episode and what better time then when I have shiny new 14″ Aquaman in my hands. We open up the sea king and give you a detailed look as to what he’s all about. I got mine at Entertainment Earth who sponsors the MegoMuseum:…

Vintage Mego: 12″ Mego Superman

This episode is special because it was sparked by a figure variant that i wasn’t sure existed, a very rare Parkdale Novelty (Canada) version of Superman. This episode we delve into the history of the Mego 12″ Heroes and the man who made them happen, Parkdale Novelty’s founder Morris Kotzer and discuss the distribution of…